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Faith, Hope, Dream, and Love!!!

2018 Tournament Champs!!!!


4th Grade

1st Place - ROC Sparks

2nd Place - Maryland Ballers

 3rd Place - CBSA

5th/6th Grade

1st Place - AIP

2nd Place - Central Maryland

3rd Place - Lady Roc

7th Grade

1st Place - Lady Heat

2nd Place - CBSA

3rd Place - Lady Roc

8th/9th Grade

1st Place - Wolf Pack

2nd Place -AIP

3rd Place - Fast Breakers

10th/11th Grade

1st Place - AIP

2nd Place - Wolf Pack

3rd Place - Penn Crush


4th Grade

1st Place - 

2nd Place -

3rd Place - MD Supreme

5th Grade

1st Place - FBCD

2nd Place - Game Changers

3rd Place - Team Fire Elite

6th Grade 

1st Place - Team Takeover

2nd Place - Team Elite Fire

3rd Place - NJ Gazelles

7th Grade

1st Place - MD Outlaws

2nd Place - FBCG

3rd Place - Team Fire 

8th Grade

1st Place - Ballers U

2nd Place - Team Fire Elite

3rd Place - NJ Gazelles

9th Grade

1st Place - Baller U

2nd Place -Lighting Basketball

3rd Place -NJ Gazelles

10th Grade

1st Place - Ballers U

2nd Place - Outlaws

3rd Place - DC Raiders

11th Grade

1st Place - Franklin Force

2nd Place - HCYP

3rd Place - Baller U

12th Grade

1st Place - Reading

2nd Place -

3rd Place - Team Fire